Products For Water And Waste Water Treatment Application 

              * Water and chemical storage tanks, Cartridge Filters, Filter Press, Evaporator & Sludge dryer
              * Centrifugal & Reciprocation pump, Agitator, Blower & Aerator
              * Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment
              * pH/Redox/Resistivity & Conductivity Meter & Flow Meter
              * Coagulant and Polymer Chemicals
              * Filters/Membranes/Housings
              * Ion Exchange Resin, GAC, Multimedia Medias & Water Treatment Chemicals



Deionization (DI) Water System    Ultrafiltration (UF) System     Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

Deionization (DI) Water System            Ultrafiltration (UF) System             Reverse Osmosis (RO) System      

EDI System    Raw Water Treatment System    Tubewell Water Treatment System 
                  EDI System                         Raw Water Treatment System      Tubewell Water Treatment System
Waste Water Treatment System    Wastewater Evaporator    Ultraviolet (UV) System 
 Waste Water Treatment System                Wastewater Evaporator                  Ultraviolet (UV) System
Gravity Sand Filter Sand/Multi Media/Carbon Filter   Water Softener
            Gravity Sand Filter              Sand/Multi Media/Carbon Filter                             Water Softener               
Degasifier    Thermal Deaearator    Portable Di Column 
                    Degasifier                                  Thermal Deaearator                           Portable DI Column
    Auto Regeneration Twin Bed System         2 Pass RO System    Mobilized RO Unit + UF 
Auto Regeneration Twin Bed System                   2 Pass RO System                         Mobilized RO Unit + UF