Model: S104
Categories: Indoor Filter

Everpure S104 Water Filter

Cartridge 1: 10" P.P.Fibre Cartridge

  • It filters out dirt and rust from the incoming water supplies. It’s a fact that household water supplies can contain enough dirt and sediment to clog up subsequent cartridges over a period of time

Cartridge 2: 10" Carbon Block Cartridge

  • Adsorbs excessive chlorine, taste and odor that is found in most municipal water

Cartridge 3: S-104 Cartridge

  • Everpure S-104 cartridge is the practical solution for filtering out disinfectant chlorine, lead, dirt and cloudiness, rust, asbestos fibers, Giardia lamblia cysts, Entamoeba histolytica cysts,Cryptosporidium parvum cysts, Mold and algae, microscopic protozoan cysts, oxidized iron, manganese, sulfides and 99.9+% of all particles ½ micron and larger in size
  • Capacity about 1,000 gal. (3,780L), or 1,600 gal. (6,060L) when used with an accurate metering and end of life


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