Gen Air

Model: Alkaline Bio Energy
Categories: RO & Energy

Gen Air Alkaline Bio Energy Water System

  • Available in Blue, Green, Transparent 

1st stage: 10" Ceramic Standard

  • An excellent grade ceramic.Particulars greater than 0.9 microns in diameter are trapped,effectively filter 99.99% of harmful bacterial,dirt,asbestor,rust,suspended solid and other pollutants

2nd Stage:Pre Carbon Filter

  • Pre carbon filter designed for removal such as residual chlorine,pigments,taste,odors,detergents,heavy metals & other impurities

3rd Stage: Carbon Block Filter

  • Carbon Block filter is a compressed granulate from of high adsorption function.This filter absorb ethylene dichloride,bleach,pesticide,chlorine,odor,colour,harmful chemical materials and haloform

4th Stage: ORP&Bio Energy Filter

  • This ORP & Bio Energy Filter can abundance of negative ions for reducing oxidation and breaks down water molecules into a very small fractions for better water absorption and enriches the oxygen content of water

5th Stage: Sendiment Filter 

  • Sendiment filter maximizes the water purification effects from initial stage by removing completely various settings,microorganism,rust,dirt,sand,dust and microscopic impurities



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