UF&UV (Undersink) Water System

Model: RO Water System
Categories: RO & Energy

UF&UV (Undersink) Water System

1st Stage: 1 or 5 Microns 10” PP Fibre Refill

  • 10” length spun polypropylene removing dirt, rust and sand particles

2nd Stage: UDF Loose Carbon

  • To absorb taste and odor of organic, chlorine and benzene

3rd Stage: Carbon Block

  • To remove 99% of the chlorine and organic chemicals for order & color reduction

4th Stage: Pre Carbon Filter

  • Pre carbon filter designed for removal such as residual chlorine,pigments,taste,odors,detergents,heavy metals & other impurities

5th Stage: UF Membrane Filter

  • This Filter removes small synthetic organic compounds,bacteria,viruses and parasite

6th Stage: Ultra Violet Water Strilizer

  • To kill bacteria, mold, and fungi in water or sewer systems.UV rays are artificially produced in a lamp and then placed in a flow chamber, which is similar to a tunnel. When the water passes through the chamber, ultraviolet light penetrates it, killing harmful organisms. This process does not require dangerous chemicals, such as chlorine, and generally does not affect the taste or nutritional value of the water



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